Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Difference between Efficient and Effective

Years ago, I used to teach typewriting.  It is a skill that has proven to be still useful today despite all the advances in technology.  

I know there's swyping and the touch screens but the majority of people are still opting for the keyboard because the touch typing speed is, I think, second to none.  I wonder if there has been any speed competition between swyping and typing!

I swype with my Samsung Galaxy because the keypad is too small for touch typing.  In all other instances, I find that the simple act of tapping away on a keyboard helps to inspire me.  I don't know if I could write via swyping or tapping one letter at a time with a stylus pen.

Now back to typewriting and what I wanted to impress on my students was that everyone should be both efficient and effective (at least for exam purposes).

Being efficient means typing a letter in less than the required time and later discovering one or two typo errors.

Being effective means typing a letter in over the required time and having no errors.

The secret to achieving a distinction is to be both efficient and effective.  This means typing a letter within the required time and discovering no errors.  


  1. I am now an official subscriber to your blog :)

    I type with all my fingers!! My mum INSISTED that we learn, and so, all her four girls know how to do this!

    When my children started playing around with the computer, I got them to find a site that allowed them to learn to type this way. My daughter learned - and now types like a hurricane is on her back!

    My son types like his father - with two fingers. Fast, but really lah, learn to type already!!!

    I HATE sywpe and all those new things because I have no idea where the keys really are!!! Hahahahah!

    The BEST thing about touch-typing is that I can keep my eyes on the screen and write from my brain! And, when that curly-red-line pops up, that's the only time I stop lah: to correct my atrocious command of spelling :)

    Lovely post! :)

    1. Thanks, Pat!

      I have found this skill to be so useful. I heard that there is a new rule about putting only one space after the period or full stop but I haven't been able to do that. Old habits die hard.

      I still haven't mastered the swype. It takes practise just like typewriting.

      Glad you like the post. It's one of the things that has been on my mind and now I've cleared that space for something else. :)