Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Barack Obama wrote to me!

All through the election period, I received mails from Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama and some celebrities that supported him.

Yes, I know they are auto-generated.  I usually delete them after reading.

But it still gave me a thrill to see their names in my inbox!

However, I am saving this one that I received, about 10 hours ago, to remember this Election victory for President Barack Obama!


  1. Estrelita, aitewyu! I can hear his voice. His 'machine' is damn good, isn't it?!

    I'd keep it, too ;)

    1. All through the campaign period, I kept telling Stephen that so and so wrote to me and it was a joke for us to laugh about. Now that he is the POTUS, I'm keeping that email! :)

  2. Obama really wrote an email to you?