Friday, November 23, 2012

In honour of my two girls

I live in a Housing Development Board (HDB) apartment here in Singapore.  So I choose to believe that I have a garden in front and out back that is taken care of by invisible people.  The grass is always cut and the place is always looking nice.  Flowers bloom all over and the trees look lush and green.  Walking out and about every time, gives me a sense of satisfaction that there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.

Then last week, my two girls came to visit and when they left, I noticed two new plants.  The earth around it was still fresh.  Who came to put them there?  I wondered about it.  Was I so busy that I hadn't noticed?  Yes, I was out almost every day that the girls were here so I missed this.

Now that the girls have gone back, I have christened these two new plants 'Sha' and 'Vay'.  When I mentioned this to Stephen, he  immediately went to check them out.

Then he did the most unexpected thing!  He made me write their names so he could take these pictures.

Now when we are out, we can see these new plants. I am sure they will grow into beautiful trees.  

This morning when we passed by, he wanted to take a picture so that we could compare the height of the trees and see their progress. 

I'm guessing we'll be taking lots of other pictures as they mature into strong, tall and shady trees.  Already they are taller than he is!!!  

By the way, I just want to mention that these girls already have parks named after them.  :D


  1. Such a beautiful idea!! Your girls are well loved, for sure.

    And how clever of Stephen to be the 'measure' for their growth to the skies!!! Brilliant!

    1. Yes, we love them and they know it because we can't hide it.