Thursday, November 15, 2012

More than we asked or imagined

It's not yet Christmas in any part of the world but already we have received the gifts that fill our hearts and minds with so much joy and love.

Our girls are here from November 14 - 17.  Okay, they aren't our biological children but they are, in every other way, our children.

Sometimes when they sleep, as they are now, we look at them and feel this unexplained feeling that our cup is overflowing.

These girls who are all grown up now, and still wanting to be in our lives, make us count our blessings twice.

They won't be here for Christmas but somehow it will be enough just to have them with us for these days.


  1. They are truly blessed to have you and Stephen. And you are blessed in return.


    1. As usual, you got that right. It is a dual purpose blessing! :)