Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

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I believe that giving thanks is one of the nicest ways to remember all the things that we have in our lives.  Oh, I'm not talking about a big house or cars in the garage.  I'm talking about the things that really matter.  Things like love and respect that can't be measured in terms of money.

There's nothing like giving thanks for people in our lives.  

*The ones who take time to write to us or send an sms.
*The ones who cheer us on with their words of love.
*The ones who email us daily.
*The ones who visit us and catch up.
*The ones who hug us in real life and in the virtual world.
*The ones who poke us on Facebook.
*The ones who 'like' what we share on Facebook.
*The ones who just stand by.
*The ones who are always there for us.
*The ones who care for us everyday.
*and most of all, the children who love us.

There is no greater blessing than to have children in our lives.

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