Monday, March 04, 2013

Enjoy a Moment

Pic from FB

It's a beautiful morning.  I woke up early and watched the sky turn from a deep dark hue to a light blue with puffy-looking clouds.  I didn't stand there watching it do that.  I just took a look each time I went to the kitchen to do something.

We have no window grills and each time that I am in the kitchen, I take a peek outside.  At 11.11 am, the sun was shining and it was very windy!  

My favourite ten-storey tall tree is sturdy but the wind shakes the branches and the tree responds by releasing the tiny leaves that almost float in the air.  These are flying all over and often they land in my kitchen.  Like today, there are several leaves which have found their place on my floor. This used to annoy me but nowadays I am glad to see them.  I have convinced myself that nature is paying me a visit and saying 'hello'.  

I've been in the business of rushing around almost all of my life that I often forget how to enjoy a moment.  It's a day like today that I check myself, with a reminder that I should just be grateful for the blessing of being able to pay for the moment by just enjoying it.


  1. You have a favourite tree, too? I have one, along the highway to KL. Now, with the road expansion going on, each time we pass, I pray that it is still there. So far, it is. Fingers crossed it stays that way for a long, long time.

    Loved this post! xoxo

    1. Did you just see this? I don't know why it was suddenly showing up in the emails! And in answer to your question, I do have a favourite tree. I look at it every day. There are also two new ones which I baptized after my nieces came to visit. I'm watching them grow as well. If I ever leave Toa Payoh, I hope to one day come back and see how they've grown.

  2. Yes, it popped up in my Inbox, and I came right here.

    I remember the two trees you baptized. Years from now, when they're tall and beautiful, you can show them the pictures you took of them when they were little :)

    1. Strange that it happened but nice to see your comment! :) Hugs always!