Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Old and New Me!

This was something perfect for me just over a year ago.  I was always waiting for the right moment to move away from what I had  and to move toward what I now have.  As they say, "not to decide, is to decide".

How did the "old" me think?  

The "old" me felt that the child was our first priority.  After that, it was about the good salary.  Finally, it was about paying up all the debts.

Then the child grew up.  Earning all that money didn't mean the same thing.  There was no more loan to pay off.  What was left then?

I'll tell you.  

For me, it was about having a choice as to where I would rather be.  Once I realised that,  it was easy to make a decision and everything else just fell into place.

The 'old' me was where I had to be.
The 'new' me is where I'd rather be.


  1. I can understand your initial reluctance Lita, so much of what we do revolved around our families when they are young. It's all about priorities and enabling them to have the skills to stand alone.
    When our children talk of what they would like to do I tell them "soon your children will be grown and fly their own way, you have plenty of time to do as you like, enjoy the NOW" <3

    1. I'm glad you see it that way. It's also what I believed in. Thank you for the validation, Lyn. It means so much to me, coming from you. Love and hugs!