Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring into my Birthday!

Yup, yesterday was, officially, the first day of spring!  I love it that my birthday heralds all things new.

My birthday shouts of spring and of flowers and of trees blossoming again!  It also heralds autumn in the southern hemisphere, a time when nature paints everything with all the earthy colours that are breathtaking.

I know we don't have the seasons here and I'm not complaining because I love the sun.  I even love the rain.  Following the four seasons is just a thing that I do in the virtual world.

My niece was recently in Berlin and it was her hope to see the first hint of spring before she left but winter still had a firm grip on everything there.  However, she has hope that she'll return to see spring in Berlin.  Not now but one day.

This is what spring is all about.  It's about hope.  Even autumn spells hope to me.  It's about changes that make everything beautiful.

What do I hope for my 54th birthday?  My needs are simple.  I think a repeat of the last 365 days would be nice.  

Pic from FB


  1. How lovely to think of your birthday, and to think of spring - and blooming flowers, and bird song, and all things beautiful. Just like you.


    1. Thank you, Pat. As you know, it turned out to be such a wonderful one with so many loving wishes. It was just overwhelming. I am sure the good feeling will carry me till 2014!

      Love and hugs

  2. I did see a HINT of spring for a couple of days. Apparently, it's still snowing in Berlin and it's expected to snow an extra 2 inches of snow the next couple of days!! My colleagues from Berlin are extending their stay here in Manila with the hope that when they return to Berlin, it'll be spring!

    1. Ahhhhhhhhhh I must have missed that! Anyway, you'll be able to see Berlin in Spring one day. My belated birthday wish for you, darling!