Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Voices and Words

"Voices in the air often go unheard but words written can never be denied".~unknown

I saw this line somewhere but can't remember now.  Anyway, between last year and this year, it seems that the news always picks up about plagiarism and copycats! 

It's an interesting topic and is also a sort of entertainment since there are people who actually believe that they will never be found out.

Of course some were caught doing so, as can be seen here, here and the latest one, here.  

Nowadays, it is impossible not to be caught.  And once people know, there goes your credibility and integrity.

I quote, "Plagiarism occurs when someone – a hurried student, a neglectful professor, an unscrupulous writer – falsely claims someone else’s words, whether copyrighted or not, as his own. Of course, if the plagiarized work is protected by copyright, the unauthorized reproduction is also a copyright infringement." Source

In today's world, technology is so advanced that people can take snippets of pages on the internet or simply do a print screen.  There won't be any chance of denial by the wrongdoer.  Deleting also doesn't help since there is always a cache somewhere!  Most writers would not take too kindly if you've copied their work and pasted it as your own.

If you're guilty, you may be shivering now!

In my opinion, it is plain deceit.  You make a conscious decision to deceive your readers into believing that you can write.

Moral of this post:  Don't pretend to be something that you're not. 

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