Friday, May 24, 2013

I was resting....

I didn't realise that a month had gone by since my last posting.  I had what was the pre- and post-election fever.  The 13th General Elections just concluded about three weeks ago and I was caught up with the news and all the events that happened before and after the results.

Many things happened.  Some good and some not-so-good but I want to believe that things happen for our benefit and well-being.  

In a way, I was resting.  I think that if I had written during this last month, it would have been one rant after another.  Today, there was a piece of good news.  One that I could rejoice in and which I did.  I felt a shift in my universe and was glad that I took a peek at my blog.

Dismayed that I had neglected it, I immediately sat to think of what to write.  So much I could say but, for now, just an explanation of my absence.  

I was resting.

Now I'm back!!


  1. Resting is good. I do it a lot. On my patio, with my dogs, and with the birds oh-so-busy in the trees. One day, you must join me and we can rest together :)