Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The shadow of your smile

This one was on someone's FB page recently and it triggered such a nice feeling. I grew up with this song playing in the background.  I remember copying the words down and looking for the notes, on the piano, with one finger.  Many songs bring back memories of my father.   This is just one of them.

I was very young, not even a teenager yet, when my dad went away to Vietnam to entertain the US troops.  Then he was in Australia for awhile.  Whenever I thought of him, this song used to play in my head.  Today, it is because I remember the shadow of his smile, now that he is gone.

~The shadow of your smile when you are gone
Will color all my dreams and light the dawn 
Look into my eyes my love and see 
All the lovely things you are to me 
Our wistful little star was far too high 
A tear drop kissed your lips and so did I 
Now when I remember spring 
All the joy that love can bring 
I will be remembering
The Shadow of Your Smile~

Happy Birthday, D.
Love and miss you more each day.


  1. Such a beautiful song - and such a good one to remember your dad by.

    I know that Nat King Cole sings it, and it's probably his song, but my favourite version - and this tells my age - is Engelbert Humperdink's ;)

    1. Music is a wonderful medium for triggering memories. I will go listen to Nat King Cole and Engelbert Humperdink's rendition later. I like Astrud's version because she's female and I imagine I am singing it. xoxo

    2. I had never heard of her, so I'm listening to her now. I love the simple way she sings it - such a welcome change. A breath of clear fresh air.

      She reminds me of this French singer,Francoise Hardy,who sings 'Only friends' - which I love to this day. I even have it in French, for practise-purposes ;)

      Lovely version of this beautiful song!

    3. My father had this album and I was maybe 9 or 10 when I heard her voice. She sings effortlessly yet keeps the tune. I like it. We used to have a record player. I wonder what happened to all our records! Lost forever!!!! :(