Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Let me give...

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Last year, before I moved to Singapore, I had a lunch date with Jared.  We talked about life as we usually do.  We talked about all that we'd been through together.  We talked about the future and how our lives would once again evolve to start a new chapter. 

Even when I thought I knew everything about my son, he surprised me when he revealed that he had registered to be an organ donor.  I didn't know when or why or how.  I think I was speechless.  He found it fun to watch me squirm when he said, "I am an organ donor for everything, even my skin".  

It wasn't something I had expected to hear and as the shock wore off, it began to sink in that I had not expected this.  We always think we know our children but we never really know them.  

Here was a young man, in his mid-twenties, thinking of helping others, beyond his life.  I have to admit that I felt a strong sense of pride.

No one needs to tell me.  Where Jared is concerned, I know I have done well.

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