Friday, February 14, 2014

Project Runway

What a lovely Valentine's Evening!!!    It's not the run-of-mill kind of date but it's still a date when  I am with Stephen.

Today we did 10.25 km. The duration included a stopover at the coffee shop for a drink and quick chit chat before coming home.  All in, I'd say we did very well.  

I started cycling recently and was still wobbly because it has been years since I did any regular cycling. Stephen used to tease me that I'd need a runway because I was so nervous when we went through narrow paths and, especially, when there are pedestrians along the way.  

THEN he discovered the perfect area for me.  It's less than a kilometre from home and then it's a stretch of road without cars and way off the beaten track.  It's a lovely thing to be able to build up my confidence riding up and down and feeling the breeze.

We had tried different routes but I was still shaky until now.  

I cannot help but feel that sometimes even our silliest dream can be fulfilled by just a whisper to the One up above. 

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