Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Plink PLANK Plonk

Image from FB

Last year when my son told me about planking, I looked at him and sniggered.  I thought, "What's so hard about that?".  So I got down next to him to show him I could do it effortlessly.  I could only manage 6 seconds! I was flabbergasted. Was something that looked so simple really so difficult?

Not long after that, I saw this image on FB and although the timings there show Day 1 as 20 seconds, I was unable to do it.  It took me awhile to get better at it.  Although quite an active person, I realised that my core strength was lacking and so I kept planking.  

Now I'm doing about 50 seconds and that is quite a good improvement. Stephen is doing about 80 to 90 seconds but he's always been fitter than I am.  He tells me that it's not about the timing but more about improving the timing with each week.  

I don't do it every day but I do it as often as I remember.  I am aiming to hit the miracle 60 seconds (1 full minute) soon.  The 30-day challenge isn't important to me.  It's doing it as often as I can and increasing my timing gradually.  Already I feel a difference and, in the case of Stephen, I see the difference.  

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