Friday, October 10, 2014


When I was in my teens, I remember we baked some cakes, made biscuits and all sorts of other stuff with mom's supervision.

While it was fun then, I don't remember that anything we made was mind-blowing or exceptional but we, my siblings and I, ate whatever came out of the oven with such gusto. Those were the days when we weren't fussy and hadn't yet learnt that there were cakes and there were cakes.

Since then I've mostly bought cakes from friends or ordered them from stores or hotels.  I never really gave a thought to baking. I figure that there are so many people out there who can do such a good job and who, obviously, enjoy it so much that they excel in their craft.  

Anyway, a very good friend of mine (PG) was willing to share her recipes with me.  Since I'd moved to Singapore, she'd given me some of her cake recipes because I asked for it.  She makes absolutely delicious ones and it made sense to want to reproduce what she does, effortlessly, I assume.

First I should mention that she's one of those rare, kind and generous people who share recipes without a second thought.  I know that some guard their secrets and take them to the grave!!

Her willing spirit and encouraging words prompted me to just give it a go.

I have to say that PG was right.  It's not rocket science.  If you have the right ingredients and you have the heart, it'll come out nice.  

The banana cake smelled divine and tasted heavenly. The texture wasn't what I expected it to be but it was my first attempt.  My chocolate cake came out better and, as my friend promised, it was delicious.

Stephen was surprised that I had made it from scratch because I am more of a buy ready-made cakes kind of person.  He liked both of the cakes!!!  What's important is that I also liked them very much.

My next attempt might be a fruit cake!  Hah!

I need to wish myself luck!

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