Saturday, October 25, 2014


I'm sure the memories we, baby boomers (1946 to 1964), have of our childhood are so different from the millenials.  The millenials are made up of those belonging to Generation X (1965 to 1979) and to Generation Y (1980 to 1994). The years vary slightly with different studies but millenials are, generally speaking, the children of baby boomers.  Our son and his fiance are Generation Y babies! 

Stephen probably has many memories of dirt roads because he lived in a "kampung". The rain was his toy and the nearby cemetery was his playground.  He said there was a cow farm nearby and that was a favourite place to pass his time.  

On my side, I remember browsing through rubber estates and running around bare-footed. I can reminisce about chasing butterflies, catching tadpoles and playing outside until the sun went down. 

Yet memories aren't always made from some old dirt road!  Sometimes they are made in a concrete jungle while cycling, between midnight to three am, around Singapore's famous Orchard Road when all is quiet.  

Not me, of course!  

Stephen and the kids (when Jared and GG were here for a holiday) went out a few nights to cycle while I manned the fort (translate that to staying at home). 

They explored Singapore by night and this remains the highlight of their cycling adventure, at least, until the next episode when they plan to cruise along the East Coast!

Here's a video of that ride earlier this year, courtesy of GG. What a steady hand she has!!!  

This almost made me wish I was with them.  Maybe next time.  

Stephen bought us matching tee-shirts in an effort to entice me.  I think we all look great!  

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