Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kitchen layout

Image from WWW

I've always wondered if this was designed by someone who actually cooks because I've seen so many kitchens where this is not featured.  Is it something from a home designer's mind or is this the product of someone who did actual O&M studies about this kitchen work triangle?

My grandma and mom made wonderful meals and never once did I hear them speak about the layout of the kitchen.  I think it's safe to say that there was nary a complaint from them because they were only concerned with being able to put food on the table.  It probably never occurred to them that setting up the kitchen space in an effective way would speed up the cooking/preparation process.

Where I am now, the refrigetor, stove and sink are all arranged in one straight line.  Often I wondered if there would be a huge difference if I had the above layout. 

I've come to the conclusion that if we don't think about it, it doesn't affect us.  I am also of the opinion that as long as things are where they should be, then one can be just as efficient in any kitchen after getting used to it.  

If someone were to ask me what I would like to see incorporated in my kitchen, I'd say it would have to be a simple island cum breakfast counter.

Yup, I'm still dreaming...

                                   ... dreams can come true! 

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