Thursday, October 09, 2014

Groan if you want...

Taken from Pinterest

I know some will find my loving posts irritating. Well, groan all you want. 

The thing is that loving posts are so few and far between.  Most people find that sharing feuds, fights and foibles are an integral part of their life.  Maybe it's an indirect way to show the world how tough they are and that they can take on any challenge the world throws at them.  

I think that I have just as  much of a right to share the happy things and the positive vibes because, well, we need it. 

People curse and swear in real life and online.  So I figure that I can bless and spread goodness in the same way.  

If I am going to be exposed to people saying mean and ugly things then I'm not going to hold back  when I feel love or loved.  

Since I recovered, I feel so much  better.  I'm healthier and my strength is increasing.

Nobody really cares because all they want to know is about suffering and problems.  They want to be informed if someone is worse off or who has bigger issues to deal with.

Let's change that.   Let's talk about the love and bless those who are better off and be happy for those who have a better life.  

It's not as easy as you think.  But it's not impossible, either. 

The image above really touched my heart.  It's who my Stephen is!  While I may be the love of his life and the children come a close second, I know that I'll be having a tough fight for first place when the grandkids come.  We'll see!!!  

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