Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Beauty in the ugly.

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Exactly a month ago, a normal five hour journey turned into a nine hour trip.  Was I annoyed?  Not really.  

I've learnt to always find the positive no matter what life throws my way.  The nine hour trip gave me an opportunity to be with my kids and to talk (no escape for them!).  Usually in the hustle and bustle of daily life, there is hardly time but here I was given an opportunity to listen and enjoy the steady drone of my children talking.  It's a sound that I missed and didn't even realise until that moment.

Now I look back and feel greatly blessed that we had a safe trip back.  "It could have been worse", I always say.

On that very same highway, I once had a burst tyre while driving but I was able to manoeuvre to the side of the road without any untoward incident.  Another time was when the car in front of me did a sudden flip (like in the movies) and landed in the ditch.  On both occasions, I was shaken but grateful that nothing serious happened.  I consider myself truly blessed.

In KL, the kids always look after me and I enjoy the attention. They're both very kind and loving.  I couldn't ask for any better than them. 

What was the beauty in that ugly long trip?  The precious time I had with Jared and Gwen.  Priceless!

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