Saturday, July 04, 2015

Change is everchanging...

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Just about a year ago there were long stretches of days when I didn't even step outside the front door.  Of course, I did go out from time to time but it was also possible for me to remain indoors.  I think the longest I stayed home was maybe three weeks.  

Fast forward to 2015 and now there isn't even a day when I am not out and about.  I've gotten used to it that I think if I stayed home, it would feel odd.  

I used to look forward to staying home when there was nothing to do outside the house.  But now that I have to be out everyday, I find that I'm also happy.  I get to feel the sun on my skin.  I see the majestic trees along the road.  I perceive that some people are so kind and it refreshes my faith in humanity.  Wonderful people and things exist everywhere, if only we notice. 

How I've changed from being a closet hermit to whatever is the opposite of that!!  

I'm certain that circumstances will continue to be at the forefront of what determines my being at home or going out.  However, acceptance that change is everchanging gives me courage to face everything and anything that comes along.  

Nothing is permanent except change ~ Heraclitus  

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