Monday, July 20, 2015

Things I love...

As we get older and wiser, the list of things that we love grows shorter and shorter.  In fact, the things we want are no longer fighting for space with the things that we need. 

There was a time when I made a mental note of whatever I wanted to get and eventually I would go out and get it.  There are many items on that list that I haven't yet bought but they have been relegated to the nether worlds now.  

It made sense not to buy that Jimmy Choo pair of shoes since I'm almost always wearing my Fitflops!  Designer bags? They aren't practical for me now.  Clothes?  Nawwww as I have more than enough.  I could go on...

However, the list of things that I love which money cannot buy has grown tremendously.  It's a good feeling and there's a release from the bondage of shopping.  I have time to love and also enjoy the basic things that make my day better.  

How I have changed in these last three years from always buying more than I needed!!  (Stephen will smile when he reads this!).

Even though I live so near the famous Orchard Road, I hardly ever go there because I already have all the things I love or need.

In fact, I've given away so many things that I used to love and I haven't even thought about them at all.  How wonderful not to be tied to stuff.  

I think that moving away from Kuala Lumpur and having to leave all my favourite things behind has taught me a good lesson.  I didn't really need any of those things.

At the end of it all, just having someone to love is all we really need in life.

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