Sunday, January 03, 2016

2016 Epiphany, Vision and Mission

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Three days into the new year and already so much has happened. 

2015 ended so well and we are still reeling from all the eating and merry-making.  Now to walk off and work out a bit to stay in shape.  Our aim is to remain healthy so we'll take it slow with our food until Chinese New Year and then really get down to better habits after that. No point to set goals which would go flying out the window when the next festivity hits us.

Today's church service was about Possessing our Possesions. Very apt for me and my family. I loved the message and found that I had similar thoughts without realising it.  Now everything ties in so beautifully.  

Last week we had written our three prayer requests and the entire church prayed together.  There's something so awesome about this. I like the idea that we are praying with and for each other. 

The last few months of 2015 turned out to be such a revelation of God's love for us.  Everything we did flowed smoothly without hitches.  Healthwise, it was also my best year since arriving to Singapore.  All the earlier quirky viruses I caught have been put to rest.  

I've taken down all the Christmas stuff except for the curtains.  No, I didn't wait for the Epiphany as I used to do.  That's what an epiphany is about, isn't it: that moment of sudden and great revelation or realization that we don't need to be bound by any tradition that doesn't suit us.  

For us, it's full steam ahead for the wedding of the year in late November.  This will keep us focussed on how we will spend this year.  

It's going to be an exciting and probably a very eventful 2016 so I remind myself to take just one day at a time.  

Thank you, Jesus, for everything.

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