Friday, January 22, 2016

Being a hypocrite...

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We all put on a mask with people.  Only the real friends see behind that and still love you.  They don't expect you to be perfect.  They understand that it's okay to reach a place where both don't see the same thing or reach the same conclusion.  It's fine to agree to disagree.

Sometimes when you drop the hypocricy and speak your mind, it can change how your friends react.  They're comfortable and happy with you only when you wholeheartedly accept what they say. It's one-sided and that's how they like it.

"Don't change", they say.  Because they want you to echo their sentiments and show blind support.  

The minute you have an opinion that differs, they don't like it. "Why are you so mean?", they say.  "Why do you want to hurt me?", they question.  

They want that familiar path where everything is as they say it is and you must get on board or face the consequences.

When did being a hypocrite become the biggest criteria for being a good friend?

Why is it necessary to remain a hypocrite to retain and sustain any friendship?

It's one thing to be a crutch for a friend in need but when that is taken to be the full-time role, then the friendship is tainted.

Friends cannot always want to hear only the things that agree with their soul.  They have to be ready to hear and bear with the other side too!

True friendship is saying what you truly feel and knowing that the other person will accept what you say because it's your truth!  It's not for the other person to pick and choose when you can speak out or not.  It's a level-playing field.

I have made tons of friends along this journey and I have also lost many too.  It's always sad but it's also a progression when you are able to move on because you have no desire to remain the "old you" just for them.  You're the "new you" and you are happy.

In this ever-changing world, I think it takes a whole lot of courage to stop being a hypocrite and be who you are.  Even if it means that you have to let go of some people, it's part of the learning and growing process. And it can be beautiful when you know how to be you!


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