Thursday, January 07, 2016

The best 2015 moment!

Image from my whatsapp

A couple of days ago, I asked Stephen what was his most memorable moment of 2015.  He didn't hesitate at all.  He said it was when Jared and Gwen got registered.  His joy and excitement was obvious to everyone.

I believe him and we also have a video to prove it.    But that's in keeping with his personality which is always bubbly and effervescent!

For me, the registration was also a great moment, after all a marriage is such a momentous step for anyone.  

Yet, in keeping with who I am, my most memorable moment was a quiet and private one.

It was on 19 September 2015 at 3.27 pm, I was in the bus, heading to the Nursing Home to see my MIL and a whatsapp message (shown above) came in. 

Stephen added, "you are love and love is you" plus a little bit more. It was so random and unexpected that I was taken aback. 

It was just an ordinary and simple thing for him to do but for me, it was a sweet gesture of love, so blind, that sees beyond all my faults.  Is there any kind of love better than this?  I am so very blessed.

It is my best 2015 moment.

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