Wednesday, July 12, 2017

1317 hrs

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Today, Jared is 31 and I still remember having him in my tummy!  I'm in awe of how Jared has come so far in his journey.  When I was his age, I hadn't done a lot of the things that he has done.  I hadn't travelled as much either.  He has an adventurous soul.

From pre-school to his "O" levels and then to music, he carved his own path and I dare say that he had the conviction to follow his own dream.  Few people do so, and that is something to be admired.

He has finally settled down with his beautiful Gwen, a wonderful soulmate, from the land below the wind.  Truly it's a joy for me to know he's in her capable hands and that they share a lovely and loving life. 

I've seen him go from an inquisitive and precocious child to becoming the mature and responsible man he is now.  Whenever I have needed a second opinion, I could always go to him as he truly knows my heart best.  

It's impossible to count the many times I have felt so much love that I thought I would burst.  I am so very blessed.  Stephen and I are so very blessed.

And he already knows, apparently when you're 31 years old, you'll live your billionth second.  So at 1317 hours today, I hope you stop for a second and celebrate your billionth moment in time.  I've put an alarm on my watch for it!  

Happy birthday, son.  We love you so much
and pray for you to be happy, healthy and whole. 
May you always hold God close to you and
recognise all the blessings you receive.

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