Wednesday, July 05, 2017

If it rains....

If it rains, stay home.  Good advice or not? 

Today it rained quite heavily.  So I'm home trying to rest and do what I feel like doing.  

There are people who have expectations of where we should be or what we have to be doing and that puts pressure on how we believe life should be lived.  Then there are the ones who are joyful when they see you and never fail to say, "go back and rest" or "don't worry about me, I'm fine".

It amazes me each and every time that people can be so caring and giving.  Caring because they are more concerned for others and giving in the sense that no matter how precious time spent together is, that time is not taken for granted.

I'm impressed that my mom-in-law who is in a nursing home and who enjoys a visit from people would often say,  "If it rains, don't come".  "Stay home and relax", she'll add.

She doesn't remember many people now and sometimes she can't even recall who is dead or alive anymore.  Her eyesight and hearing makes it hard for her to manage simple conversations yet she still makes every effort to interact.  

There is quiet dignity and courage behind the wrinkles and platinum white hair.  It's a trait that I admire very much. 

So I'm home but I'm thinking of her and wondering if she even remembers telling us not to go if it rains.  

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