Friday, December 15, 2017

Day 15 Christmas Time

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It's really been a good two weeks of December for me.  I haven't felt rushed or stressed about getting organised for Christmas.  

Plus I can check off every thing on this list, despite binging on Christmas movies and my TV series, I should add.  

When I was working, I used to feel a bit of tension the moment we hit the first of December.  I wondered when I would start to "Christmastise" the home.  I wondered how I would do it all.  More often than not, I would work a full day and then after dinner I'd start on the decorations.  It wasn't easy but I did do my best and always felt satisfied with everything.

These last years, it's been easier.  I've either become better at it or I've become more easy-going.  It's not about overdoing but just about doing.  And I'm done!  

Yay!  Celebrate!  

Okay, maybe not yet.  I'm still tweaking some things every now and then!  

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