Thursday, December 28, 2017

Day 28 Christmas Season

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When I was still working, it was always at the back of my mind that the holiday would soon be over.  Yes, there were moments when I completely forgot about work or commitments but eventually, I'd remember that I had to get back to the routine of being employed.  Juggling leave, travelling and merry-making during this intense period sometimes left me tired and worn out.

However, now I do feel the whole 100% of the holiday magic.  There are no more rushing deadlines or wondering if I have enough vacation leave.  It really is wonderful.

But it has come as a result of already having done my duty and now being able to bask in the afterglow of it all.  I did my part when it was necessary and now I should learn to kick off my shoes and enjoy the essence of this holiday season.  I've earned it.

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