Saturday, December 30, 2017

Day 30 Christmas Ending

While listening to "Praise and Worship" songs, I feel energised even after doing the laundry, my morning chores and everything else that needed tweaking.  

The children left us with a glow that should carry us through the next days and until we see them again.

Stephen is back to his ad hoc work and I'm going to catch up with all that I've put aside these last few days.  

Looing back, we had a superb Christmas meal cooked by our GG and she impressed us with her culinary skills.  Her first attempt at Devil Curry was outstanding.  She asked me to give it a go as she thinks I can.  Maybe I will.  I'll have to see how it goes.  We wined and dined a bit but now we're on slow down mode.  We don't intend to go overboard.

Overall, this time we didn't stress out over visiting people except for Grandma Grosse which is part of the reason why the kiddos spent Christmas in Singapore.  

Anyway, it's peaceful and quiet this morning.  I'm alone with my thoughts but I'm not lonely.  There is so much in my heart to keep me company. 

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