Friday, January 22, 2021

Cooking or Baking again!

​I've collected recipes from my teen years, imagining that I would naturally step into mother mode one day.   Nope!  That didn't happen.  Cooking or baking always seemed a chore.  I didn't enjoy it.  

Now when I see something on Pinterest and it looks interesting, I wonder if Stephen would like it.  Probably he would, as everything that I have ever made has been good for him.  One would think that this would spur me on to perform miracles in the kitchen but, lo and behold, the lazy gene is far more dominant.​

I do console myself that it isn't all about being lazy.  I just don't particularly like cooking or baking.

I made some bread pudding recently.  First time ever and it's super easy so that accounts for why I don't mind making it.  Stephen loves it and thinks I'm a genius now.  hahahahahahaha!

And I always add extra almond chips on top.

And I love packing Malay food instead of cooking!
Beef rendang, paru-paru, mixed veggies and salted egg!  Heaven!  Comfort food!  So blessed that this stall is just a block away from me!

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