Monday, January 04, 2021

Scenes of greens

Yesterday we woke up to rain again and it poured almost all day.  When it became a drizzle, I opened the back window to look out and took these shots.  I'm only posting them today because we had a lazy kind of Sunday and I didn't use the computer at all.

Wet leaves and flowers

Close up of this beauty in the midst of the greens

Then I saw this!  
I thought it was a yellow plastic bag at first!
But it was just a yellowed leaf.  
Chided myself for having negative thoughts about people.

At night, this is the scene in front of my door.
It's quite a pretty sight!

I really like how the lights illuminate the trees giving
a resort kind of look to our mundane housing area.


These images show that I never set foot outside all day.  This was the pattern of 2020 and I hope to break out of it this year.  If not today, then maybe tomorrow!  Yep, that's me, always putting off till tomorrow if it means getting out of my comfortable home clothes.

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