Thursday, July 19, 2012

Of Complaints

Often, I hear these and I make an effort to delete these thoughts from my head.

The service sucks!
The bus is late!
The cashier is slow!

Why do people complain about service or the service industry?  Is it because their standards are too high?  Or does it stem from a low tolerance level?

I believe that there will never be perfection in life.  No matter how good or great a service is, there is always room for improvement.  In this sense, I am easily satisfied.  I understand that the service could be better but I also realise that it is not too bad.

Maybe from where I come from, there is a great disparity between "what was" and "what is" now that I enjoy which I consider to be efficient and effective.  Perhaps, if I had been born here, I would have higher expectations of everything.

I wonder if it is the environment or the personality that makes us complain about service.

If you have an opinion, let me know.


  1. I try to remember what people are paid here - and only then judge their service. Most of the time, I have no complaints - because people are usually decent, and service is often with a smile.

    Many times, I find people are rude to those who serve them: snapping their fingers for a waiter; saying 'Hey!' to get someone's attention - just to name two.

    Once, here in PD, a visitor from down 'south' was especially rude at a place we frequent for a weekend dinner. In the end, the owner - himself serving, because it was a busy night - simply said to him, "We don't do fast food here, sir"!

    I thought that was brilliant. I'd have wanted to simply SLAP him!!!

    1. I think that you have a valid point. The people from down 'south' somehow have a higher expectation when it comes to service.

      While I can stand in line (people queue here) and wait my turn, I can see others fidgeting and looking at their watches.

      If the food is just a bit slow in being served, it is not uncommon to hear someone loudly say, "The service sucks".

      When the cashier is a bit slow, people get agitated.

      I wonder if living here will change me. :D