Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bicycles again...

So yesterday, we went and bought a new bicycle for me.  I'm taking it as my Chinese New Year present.

But before we did that, we had gone for a second round just to see if I really wanted to take this form of exercise further. For this, we took a longer ride than the first and I felt much better this time.  I wasn't as wobbly and I was steadier. 

Sharing my three routes for my own easy reference.  I want to come back later in the future to see how much I've improved since these dates!

 Round 1 (23 January 2013 ~ night) approx 6 km

Round 2 (28 January 2014 ~ night) approx 8 km

Round 3 (30 January 2014) approx 5 km

This morning, we cycled to Lorong 8 to have breakfast and then went to the Hub.  We also stopped at the Stadium for a bit before splitting up.  Stephen went to get groceries while I decided to get home on my own.

The fact that Stephen said it was okay for me to ride back on my own gave me the slight boost of confidence that I needed.

I'll share a picture of my new bicycle soon.  Stay tuned ...

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