Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween fever in Singapore

How did this start?  I'd guess from pubs and clubs celebrating Halloween.  Now stores are selling all things related to Halloween from tiny pieces to full adult size costumes.  I think the only thing I like about it would be the colours: orange and black do make for a striking combination.

Took this from various shops in Singapore

Well, for everything cute, there is an equal number of ugly stuff.  I know that, in some countries, people go all out to decorate their homes with all the frightful things.  So I went browsing online and there appears to be an unspoken competition to see who can outdo the other.  Some people really spend time and waste money on this.  

I don't know if I would go to the extreme of painting my door (saw a picture of an orange door), fitting lights and fixing ugly creatures on my front porch and garden.  Maybe I could be tempted into putting some silhouettes in the window, in the spirit of Halloween.  I don't know.  Even this one is pretty creepy.

Pic from Pinterest

Perhaps something simple like this one might be more to my liking.  
Pic from Pinterest

Whatever it is, Halloween fever has hit Singapore!  There are theme parties everywhere and then it will be over.

Anyway, here's my early wish because once Halloween is over, it only means that Christmas is just around the corner.

Took this picture at FairPrice, Toa Payoh.


  1. I like BOTH the windows that you posted! The tree and pumpkins - NICE! But the chandelier and cat - memang ada kelas sikit ;)

    Post PIX if you do do this k!

    1. Hahaha, Didn't expect any comment this time since we are full-time Asians. I doubt any of the neighbourhood kids will come around for 'trick or treat'. For this reason, I wouldn't do anything. Well, I haven't decided yet. LOL