Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Write your own story...

I fell in love with this, the moment I saw it.  

pic from here

My blog is about writing my own story.  I just write what I think about as I make my way through the hours and minutes of every day.  

Oh, I could easily copy and paste or upload as I do on Facebook but then this blog wouldn't reflect the real me.  Facebook is just for sharing: beautiful pictures, reminders, quotes of wisdom and, of course, the jokes or cartoons to add humour to our otherwise sober existence.  While I have been doing that, I have found that others, so many others, have the same taste.    

I digress.  

My first step into writing online were comments I left on people's blogs.  It gave me a kick when there was a response.   Later, I realised that if I could write short sentences that expressed how I felt, I could definitely do better, if given the right platform.  Hence,  STEEST was born and later SFGEMS.

Anyway, the reality of life kicked in.  I found a word-for-word comment I posted on a then controversial topic had appeared elsewhere.  Someone pretended that it was what she wrote.  That person must have read my comment, liked it and used it. That person had stolen my comment!  I was slightly shocked.  Surely, it doesn't take a genius to know that if I'm following a story, I'll be browsing all sites and the probability of seeing my original comment used by someone else is very high!  However, it appears to be something common.  And they say, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".  Not!  If I like something some else had said, I'd just simply say so. It is as easy as that.  You have to give credit and you can't be lazy about it.

On another unrelated occasion, I found that an entire blog piece written by an Australian friend of mine had been copied and pasted, to another blog, by another person   I alerted my friend and left it to him to decide what he wanted to do. 

One thing I can boast about is that this blog is my OWN story with my OWN words albeit aided by pictures from the net, for which I give credit.


  1. I will never understand why anyone would copy something written by someone else, and pass it off as their own. It defies logic. What on earth is the satisfaction they derive from that? If their comment is praised or liked, wouldn't that feel somewhat hollow - for it was meant for the real writer, and not the copier!

    I've always said that I love reading your posts because you speak with your own voice. It's as if I am sitting there, right with us, as you write. And since I can't - this is the next best thing.


    1. We don't understand because we wouldn't dream of doing it. Some people lead very sad lives and have to spice it up with whatever they can find out there.

      It's a sad and shameful thing to do. And, not being found out, doesn't a writer make anybody! LOL