Sunday, October 07, 2012

Sleeping in Singapore

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I used to be up by 6.15 am when I was working and only slept in when it was the weekend.  Now that I am retired, I can pretty much get up anytime I want.  

I do not sleep in everyday.  There are mornings when I am up by 7 am and fully rested so I get out of bed but if I've been watching a series on TV and get to bed late then I can also sleep on till 10 or even 11 am.  Most times I don't because I like walking in the mornings after my coffee and FB-ing.  

I know some people are up by 4.30 am or 5.30 am.  I hardly ever am up that early.  I think it is the best hour of sleep when all the world is quiet and peaceful.

I might be up by 6 am or 7 am but then I go right back to sleep.  What is there to wake up for?  I don't have any place to go to nor is there anything urgent to do.  It's a luxury that I am still enjoying. 

There are no kids or pets to worry about.  We only have ourselves to think about.  Sometimes Stephen and I laugh that there are no kids to worry about and I told him that it is the reward for having children early.  Now when they are all grown up, and we are still relatively young, we have a freedom that we almost forgot about.

Yet we look forward to the holidays that they choose to spend with us.  It is always wonderful to have them for those few days and to enjoy the love and laughter.  When they leave, they know they are loved and we lock all those memories to tide us over until they come again.

This, for me, is bliss.

Sleeping in Singapore is so different from KL now.  Here, there is no noise apart from the birds in the morning.  Thankfully, our home is situated away from traffic.  In KL, there is always the traffic that wakes me up.  Although the air-conditioning can drown out some of the sound, it disturbs the sleep pattern.  I never used to be bothered by it but now whenever I return to KL, it takes me at least a day to get accustomed to it.

It's more than eight months since I retired and I still haven't gotten bored with my new lifestyle.  Why am I writing this?  I want to remember today.  A year or two from now, I may come back to this post and remember where I was sitting and how I was feeling.  

What am I feeling?  I feel contented and satisfied with life.

pic from Facebook


  1. I wonder why you suddenly thought to write about sleep! Hmmmm....

    About setting an alarm: my mum has her alarm set for 4:45 am. Please don't ask me why. I have asked her, and she says she's used to getting up at that time. *confused-me face here*

    No pets: I SAW that!!! Hahahaha! Yup, my girls need to get up and 'visit' the garden by about 7-7:30. Luckily, Chuan likes waking up with the last birds of the morning ;)

    1. Hahaha, now that I am so free, I actually allow my thoughts to wander and wonder.

      I have an aunt who is up by 4.30 am but then she goes back to sleep at 9.00 am. LOL

      Wahhhhhhhhh, you've got it made!!!! With Chuan there, in your seaside resort home, and the lovely girls, you're blessed!