Monday, January 20, 2014

All things new and beautiful.

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Everything is looking new around me.  Our building was repainted just before Christmas 2013.  The corridors have  been repaved.  The sheltered walkway is now in the midst of getting a new coat of paint.  Everything is looking spick and span.

While I do love some old stuff, there's something to be said about new things.


In January 2013, an FB friend of mine from Oklahoma told me that I was so blessed to be living in the same city as Pastor Joseph Prince.  He suggested that I should go check it out and tell him all about it. 

I first heard of Joseph Prince from a young girl with whom I had many hours of sharing.  Both of us often talked about our faith and she had given me a glimpse of what she felt in her heart about God. Though very much younger, she was matured in her thinking and she impressed me with her philosophy about her life.

So curiousity got the better of me and on this day last year, I took the MRT to Marina Bay Sands to attend the New Creation Church service.

I was totally unprepared for the message that I heard that day.   It was like listening to an age old story but with a twist.  Somehow it made sense to me and I could relate to it.  I admit I was uncomfortable at first but I didn't feel out of place.  I didn't know anyone and nobody knew me so it was just being in the moment with God.

As I made my way home, it struck me that I was filled with a longing to know more.  It's a feeling that I had lost a long time ago and never even realised. 

When I was home, I shared my two-hour church experience with Stephen and he saw just how uplifting it had been for me.  However, that little doubtful gene in me wondered if Pastor Joseph Prince would be able to repeat his anointed preaching.  Maybe it was a one-off thing, I thought!  So I went again and once more I was so taken up by what he preached. 
Stephen was amazed at how excited I was about the church and as soon as he was able, he went to see what it was all about.  Since that day, we've not looked back at all.

Pic from FB
We are now regularly attending the Sunday service together and life has never been the same since.  Everything is new and beautiful.

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