Saturday, January 18, 2014

Booked. Part 2

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In  2012, I think I read maybe three books over a nine month period.   The euphoria of being retired took such a strong hold on me that I just enjoyed doing nothing.
In 2013, I doubled that to maybe six books over twelve months.  This is still way below what I could have read since I now have all the time in the world.
I envisioned my retirement as maybe reading at least a book a month.  This didn't happen.  When time was a precious commodity during my working days, I was always stealing moments to read in between my home, office, chores, TV, Computer and whatever else that took place in my life. 
Most times, I caught up with reading while I was on my way to or from Singapore.  It was a welcome luxury at that time. 
While I was working, reading was like a guilty pleasure.  Once I pick up a book, I can forget everything else.  This meant that all chores were set aside and I would become blind to whatever was not urgent.  I would forego even my seven to eight hours of sleep. 

Pic from FB
There were days when I would read until I could no longer open my eyes.  I always consoled myself by saying I would nap as soon as I got home after work.  It was always worth being tired for a day or two.  I know that those who love reading will know what I am talking about: especially those who start reading even when they know it isn't a good idea to begin just before bed time.

Anyway, I'm on track at the moment.  I'm half way through my first book and its just the middle of January.  Let's see if I make it to twelve books  this year. 

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