Friday, May 16, 2014

After the storm ...

Pic from FB

There's a storm upon us.  It's raining heavily outside. Not typhoon winds or anything close to catastrophic "run into the basement for shelter" kind of weather but the rain was so heavy and almost deafening.

I literally saw/heard it coming.  The dark clouds keeping the sun away and the sounds of thunder rumbling in the distance.  Just as I told Stephen that it was going to pour, the drops came.

When it first poured, the drops were so huge that they made a beautiful polka-dotted pattern on the pavement at the back.  Just as soon as they appeared, they disappeared because they joined so quickly that they just became meshed together.  At the height of the storm, I didn't dare open the window to peep outside. It's what I like to do and often I am rewarded with a spray of the cold rain on my face!

It's easing now and the winds have died down. 

It's nice to be home when it's raining.  So many times before when I was at work and there was a storm outside, I used to be mesmerised by nature's fury. I used to envision myself (in the future), at home, with a cup of coffee and a book/laptop. 

Life is a little like that.  We meet and greet the storm and then it's over.  The rain trickles and the skies clear up and everything looks better.

Here I am now, at home, and it is every bit as nice as I imagined it would be.

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