Thursday, May 08, 2014


Perfection will never describe me.  I'm happy in my imperfection. 

I see many on the path of seeking perfection in everything.  Not me.  It's in my DNA not to be that way.  

An uncle of mine, a sort of perfectionist (I think), with 6 prawns in hand, would not put one more prawn into a dish if the ingredients stated 5 prawns.  For me, it would be no problem, dump it in.

Another person I know, uses a needle to clean dirt from the tiniest nooks and crannies.  For her, it was an essential cleaning habit.  For me, it seems like crazy behaviour.  But to each his own.  

This brings me to my "temptations".  I find that I am tempted by many things. Tempted to do, to say, to see, to touch, to experience, to know and much, much more. But as I look back on my life, I realise that I have been a bit cautious about giving in to temptation. I have been more careful than carefree. In general, I have given in to some temptations but not nearly enough for me to feel that I had actually thrown caution to the wind. Have I?  I don't know.  For if I did, I would surely remember.  No regrets though. 

Nowadays, the temptations that get to me are much, much lower down the rung of excitement.  Often I am tempted to bake a cake, make cookies, prepare a gourmet meal *wishful thinking* or even to give the house a makeover. As is the case with me, I end up not interested to bite more than I can chew.  The temptations come and go and that sums up the daily grind.  Hahahaha.

Somehow, I'm still happy holding the temptations at bay.  If I give in, well, good for me.  If I don't, no harm done either.  

Each day, I just give in to the temptation of being imperfect. 

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