Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Excited about life

I woke up happy this morning.  Well, I wake up happy most of the time but this morning, I woke up with a feeling of having rested well.  Maybe it's the getting over a hospital appointment for my MIL that makes me feel relieved.  All is well and we are glad.

Though I am sad that we are back to just being by ourselves, the internet and HP keeps the kids close to us. Plus our group chats are always lively and entertaining.  

It is easy to be caught up with doing, doing, doing so much that on a quiet morning like today, I find my thoughts just easing along instead of having to mark off all the things that need to be done.  

When I was in KL last week, I had so much to do and although there is a sense of achievement at getting them all done, there was also the rushing around that I do not miss.  The only saving grace was having my own driver to take me everywhere.  This beats driving around on my own.  One of the skills that I have found immensely useful, apart from touch typing, is driving. Be that as it may, having a chauffeur is always a wonderful option.  

I have loads of plans for later this afternoon and as soon as Stephen is off to work, I shall begin. Excitement can move mountains, I think.  

Let's see if it pans out or I give in to temptation to sit, read and sip my coffee.  In my book, this is also multi-tasking. Mwahahahahaha.

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