Friday, September 14, 2012

Being Happy

When I was 29 going on 30, I found this and read it.  I was a teacher then and I remember lending it to a student.  I never got it back and I'd like to think that it went on to help others along the way.  My only regret is that it was autographed by Andrew Matthews and it would have been a nice keepsake.

I recommended this to many others and always had good feedback from them.  If you haven't already seen it. Go buy it!

Anyway, so many things happened to me since I first had this book and I think I forgot many of the tips and tricks that I found so helpful.  What I didn't know is that those ideas were already planted in my head!  Recently, I think they bore fruit.

I was home alone, getting ready to watch TV and suddenly I felt such a strong sense of happiness.  More than that, I felt so contented.  

There was no thunder or lightning or fireworks to herald this euphoria I felt.  The truth is that I didn't need anyone to share the moment.  It was enough for me to relish it, in the quiet of my home, and know that "it" came to sit softly on my shoulder.

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  1. I know of this book, of course, but I've never read it. Not really the kinda thing I read. No one dies savagely, or nothing blown to smithereens? Then, you'd probably not find my nose in it!

    But, I can understand how someone would enjoy it. And, I am sure that should I pick it up, I will find some pretty insightful things in it, that I'd never ever thought of - because it wouldn't have gotten a good review from you, if it didn't!

    I like that quote by Thoreau. Beautiful.

    1. Yes, I'm not into most of the self-help books out there but this one was different. Easy reading and made a huge impact on my life then.

      Yes again, Thoreau said it beautifully.