Sunday, September 23, 2012

The one about the kaya

In an email this morning, "kaya" was mentioned and I got to thinking about it.  

I mean there are people who make this at home. I've heard that often you have to make several attempts to get it to be in that perfect state that suits your taste buds.  Or not, I don't really know.  If you want to give it a go, here's a site!

Me?  I'd rather make several purchases to find the one that tastes best.   There are tons out there to choose from.  Each one is different so you will end up with the one that delights your palate.

(collage of pics taken from the internet)

I can eat kaya with toast but my favourite is with this kuih.  I love it with a generous serving of kaya.
(pic from here)
Luckily I live in Singapore where I can just go round the corner to buy it.  


  1. I think we are exact OPPOSITES!!! Hahahaha!!!

    I like to make the stuff I eat. OR, maybe it's cos I live in the boondocks, and NOTHING is just around the corner. And, if perchance it is: it tastes like yuk++

    But, I also like that kuih that's eaten with kaya! And, btw, the flower to make that colour? Chuan has it growing happily in our garden ;)

    When you come over, I'll MAKE you some of my kaya, and that kuih, ok? And anything else you'd like to taste.


    1. LOL Finally!!! I was beginning to worry that we were too alike!!!

      I don't know about making my own stuff. I find eating other people's stuff just as satisfying. As you know, I'm not a fan of the kitchen. :)