Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sleep alone?

When I was young, we all slept together.  Four of us (three girls and one boy) slept side by side, and it was fun. I remember nights of giggles and whispers and Mom saying "1".  We knew it would go to "3" before we would get it.  Often when she said "2", we would say "2 1/4" and giggle some more.

Now that I'm older, okay, much older than those fun times, I like the fact that I can reach over and feel someone next to me. 

There is a comfort in sleeping with your husband in the same bed.  I know some don't.  I think Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward didn't and they are famous for that.  Some sleep apart because the snoring of one disturbs the other.  Some choose to sleep alone because the bed isn't big enough to accommodate two huge bodies.

I used to like sleeping alone on a queen size bed.  Not anymore though.  I like the comfort of knowing someone I love is by my side.

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  1. I want my own bed sometimes - especially when Chuan is watching some stupid movie (like 'Pirates of the Carribean'!) and the noise keeps me awake!!

    But, having said that... I do love waking up in the morning and knowing he's there. Yes, like you say, reaching out to him, and knowing that he'll grab my hand - which he's learnt to do, even while sound asleep!!! Hahahaah!!!

    It's one of the joys of being with the one you love: I agree.

    1. We don't watch TV in the room. Why? We don't have a TV in the room. Mwahahahahahaha

      I guess it would be a legitimate reason to want to sleep separately if one is watching TV.

      It's having someone next to me that gets to me. I love that.