Saturday, September 29, 2012

The one about the SMS

Stephen is the wittiest guy alive in my life!  There isn't a day that passes when he doesn't invent something funny to say or do.

In a different lifetime, he could have easily become a world-renowned stand-up comic.  

I should document all the funny things and compile them into a book.   Perhaps I will start now.

~ ~ ~
This happened yesterday when we were fine-tuning details of our swimming date. 

I swim a bit but mostly I walk in the water to build up stamina.  Hence the walking icon that is supposed to represent me.  

I don't know if this will make others laugh but it stopped me in my track when I see how easily he comes up with stuff like these.

It was also a moment when I stopped to thank my lucky stars for his sense of humour.


  1. A man with a sense of humour - yes, I agree that is indeed a gift to be thankful for. That beats the sullen misanthropes any day.

    1. Absolutely!!

      Loving your humour too! On a daily basis, at that. *wink*