Monday, September 17, 2012

Just Perfect

My cousin posted this on Facebook and when I saw it, I realised that this fits me.  

It also made me wonder about the couples who choose not to have kids.  They've missed out on having something in their life that is perfectly right.

I know of many who choose not to have children.  Some thought it would spoil their bodies if they carried a baby for nine months.  Others felt it would affect their own personal time.  It's true to some degree.  But once you have a child, you learn to put another person first.  You do it instinctively.  You learn to love someone else other than yourself.

(pics from FB and Pinterest)


  1. Were it not for my daughters, Moon & Belle, I might well be dead by now. Becoming a parent at 19 totally grounded me (well, maybe not totally... :-) but it forced me to slowly become less egocentric!

    1. I think it's part of the cycle of life. Plus it takes guts to be a parent. There is a sense of continuity.

  2. When I was right in the middle of raising my children, I will admit that there were days when I wished I was single, and didn't have a care in the world.

    Now, they're both adults, and they are a special part of my life. I cannot imagine my life without them.

    'I will let you fly free' - that is what I always wished for them. But, every now and then, it's lovely when our flight-paths cross ;)

    1. I cannot imagine my life without my children. All of them, the one that I gave birth to and the others that are just like my own.

      I remember you saying that "I will let you fly free" in one of our emails. Now I get exactly what you mean.