Friday, September 28, 2012

On a whim, I went to swim....

Okay,this week it's already been three (for me and five for Stephen) consecutive days of going to the pool near our home.  It's only one kilometer away so it's near enough to go anytime we want.  

The bad news is that I like company when I go swimming.  The good news is that Stephen loves going at anytime.  

In fact, he was the one who got me started on this.  He said that walking in the pool is a much better exercise than walking around the block.

Since I have retired, I have been walking around the area.  It has been nice to see things from the street level, at my walking pace, rather than from a moving car or bus.  

The good thing about walking is being able to keep track of the distance via a pedometer.  Well, it's just a habit that I like because it is nice to have a history of the walks taken.  It is also a way to know if you are getting fitter from the times taken for each km walked.

Stephen has been walking to the pool and back but now that he has convinced me to go, we ride the bus there and it costs only S$0.73.  The entrance costs $1.00.  We intend to walk home after our 'fitness' time so the total cost of this date is just S$3.46.  :-D

I'm hoping to carry on doing this because it is fun.  I find that I can accomplish so much more in the pool and, on a hot sunny day, it is just about the best place to be.

Today is Day 4 and my friend says that if I do it for 28 days straight it will become a habit.  Maybe she's right because I see a lot of really old people, I think around the 70s, and they are there everyday.  

(pic swiped from one of the Pinterest Boards)

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