Sunday, September 02, 2012

A good mother

I found this on Facebook.  I had to read it twice because it made sense to me and touched my soul.  

I don't know about other mothers and I am sure that not all are good.  I know.  It's taboo to say so but it's true.  

There are mothers and there are mothers.  I know many people who don't feel a strong love for their mothers.  I also know some who worship their mothers.

I can't know what my mother feels.  I can only know what I feel.  I love my children deeply.

I hope that they know this.  I want them to know this.  I need for them to remember this.


  1. This touched my soul, too.

    I don't think I was the best mother, but I do know I love(d) my children. I always will. And I try to tell them this whenever I can.

    But, like I know you do too, I try to show them that I love them. That speaks louder than all the I-love-yous I can say.

    1. I think the perfect mothers are the ones who know they aren't perfect. Like you and like me! :)