Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A New Year for Everybody!

This picture was taken in July when we were at Marina Bay. The lights and fountain seem to depict a bird in flight.  I like that very much.

As we take off on another year, I'm hoping that it will be a better one for all those whom I know and love.

Life doesn't always give us the things we want, but it always teaches us something.  For this, we should be grateful.

As I continue my journey with Stephen in Singapore, I am very thankful that he has taken care of all my needs.  I don't want to ever take this for granted.  In return, he tells me he has forgotten how to wash or iron his clothes.  He doesn't even worry that he can't find anything.  He only has to ask me.  I think he's great and he thinks I'm great.  Now there's a recipe for a happy union.

We begin 2013 with hope in our hearts that our family will grow in love and strength.  Our son's December engagement is a turning point for all of us.  We have something to look forward to in the near future.  This is the cycle of life.

So goodbye 2012, you've been great.  There have been countless  memories to cherish and we feel quite blessed.

Hello 2013, we look forward to another 365 days of love and laughter.


  1. You guys are the best and deserve the best. Here's to a wee bit more real-life contact in 2013! <3

    1. Thanks so much, Antares. We do our best to be the best! :)

      Hugs and love for you.