Friday, January 18, 2013

Logically speaking

Pic from Facebook.
Living in Singapore, I've found that people are generally mindful of the type of property you own. While I find it amusing that it is a much sought-after status quo, I do not think that it is a healthy one.  

The picture above does capture what I feel.  One can own a bungalow or condominium but it's not a guarantee that happiness is in equal proportion to the cost of your home.

We live in a small place.  People have asked Stephen where he is staying.  He always says that we live in Toa Payoh.  Usually, it is disbelief that they show when he says that our apartment consists of one bedroom, one kitchen, one bathroom/toilet, one hall/dining area.  In return, they will proudly inform that they live in apartments that have four or five bedrooms.  

He's been through this conversation before and he usually goes on with something along these lines:

Stephen:  There are only two of us and one bedroom is just nice.
Friend:  But it's so small!
Stephen:  How many bedrooms are there in your place?
Friend:  We have four bedrooms!  
Stephen:  How many people stay there?
Friend:  Oh, there are eight of us.  (Parents and 3 married children)
Stephen:  So two to a room.
Friend:  Yes, four couples so four bedrooms.
Stephen:  How many bathrooms?
Friend:  Two.
Stephen:  For eight people!

By now they are getting it!  The scenario is not as cosy as they thought it was.  They were under the impression that they had a nicer life because they had a bigger home.

Logically speaking, we have a better situation.   


  1. Aiyoh-yoh, that sounds like hell-on-earth to me! Hahahah! Big house, ke, small house - for me, it is the bathrooms that count! How many? You'll know it's a big deal when you get the runs! Hahahahah!

    But seriously, I really feel sad that people judge us by what we own, and where we live, rather than who we are :(

    Totally bodoh flers lah!

    1. Hahahaha, you're funny. I didn't really think about the sharing of bathrooms but you do make a good point.

      The ones who judge usually do that because they have nothing else to show off! :p

  2. It's the same for cars. All cars can carry 4-5 people depending on the size of the people. And yet there is always the comparison of "are you driving a kancil, wira, mercedes etc?".

    1. And you are absolutely right about this! Somehow it is supposed to make up for what's real in this world. A bigger car says nothing to me! LOL